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COPDF Highlights


September 13, 2023

COPD Foundation Highlights

$4.7 Million a Year for Research

The COPD Foundation is a leader in the search for the cure. We work with patients, healthcare professionals, and leaders in academia, government, and industry to drive clinical trials, research best practices in treatment, and disseminate the findings.

400 Scientific Articles Published

It’s critical that doctors, researchers, and patients have access to the latest research on COPD, so we created Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation, an open access, peer-reviewed medical and scientific journal which has published over 400 articles from the world’s leading pulmonologists and COPD researchers.

Educational Materials in 8 Languages

We believe in empowering patients to be active, informed decision makers for their own care. Our library of educational materials – available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, and Russian and downloaded 400,000 times and counting – give patients the tools they need.

150 Congressional Lobbying Meetings

The COPD Foundation champions better access to pulmonary rehabilitation and supplemental oxygen, more government funding for research, and expediting the process for bringing potential treatments to clinical trials. Our team provides expert testimony and organizes meetings between congressional offices and COPD patients and caregivers.

57,000+ Patients Connected

COPD360Social is the world’s largest community specifically for COPD patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. Over 57,000 people use it to chat with experts, share tips and tricks, learn about research studies and local events, and support one another.

Raising Awareness for Lung Health

Through COPD Awareness Month and our annual Lace-Up for Lungs awareness campaign, World Bronchiectasis Day, and World Oxygen Day, as well as partnerships with other lung health charities across the world, the COPD Foundation works tirelessly to raise the profile of lung health, leading to patients getting diagnosed earlier and having better health outcomes.